Why Australia?

  1. Australia is a safe and comfortable destination.
  2. No foreign language, no weird money, no worries - just wonders!
  3. Stable political environment.
  4. By the time you enjoy your in-flight movies, your meals and a nap you'll be Down Under!
  5. Favourable exchange rate.
  6. Australians are friendly! Candid, optimistic and value mateship.
  7. Australia is an adventurer's playground.
  8. 50,000 years of ancient culture.
  9. Roll out your swag - absorb the flavour of rural Australia.
  10. Wine and Dine - sample the exotic flavors of Australian cuisine from Barramundi to Balmain Bugs!


Australia's climate makes it a fabulous holiday destination all year round.
The Northern part of the country is the warmest and the Southern States tend to be cooler.

Summer officially starts in December and winter in June.

For more detailed information on rainfall and temperatures visit

Passports and Visas

Australia has entry visas specifically for visits by people coming to Australia for tourism to visit friend or relatives, or for short-term study.

There are several ways to obtain a visa:

  1. Your travel agent or airline obtains an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for entry to Australia at the same time as they book your travel arrangements.
  2. Alternatively, travellers can apply for their own ETA at
  3. Making written application to the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.